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About Me


Over six years ago, I fell somewhat haphazardly into the world of documentary filmmaking. As a wide-eyed graduate of Georgetown University, holding a degree in International Relations, I happened upon a internship at a small production company in Maryland. With virtually no experience, I quickly took to Final Cut Pro and soon found myself managing post production for a long-running PBS series.

After five years at the company, I decided to go back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Communications from George Washington University. During my time at GW, I have developed a strong understanding of communication strategies, messaging and storytelling. My goal now is to use digital media to create positive change in the world.

Originally from McLean, Virginia, I continue to live in the DC area with my black lab, Boone. I love Sushi, The Beatles, and road tripping across the U.S, and Boone loves food, sticks, and attention.


Photo courtesy of  Logan Werlinger

Photo courtesy of Logan Werlinger